First International Conference on Discourse Pragmatics (Second Call)
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Discourse as social practice plays a vital role in interpersonal, intergroup and even international communication and interaction. In fact, the existence and progress of human society cannot go without discourse, from meaning making and identity shaping to social life management and national image construction. Recent years have witnessed a growing awareness of the necessity and feasibility of a marriage between discourse studies and pragmatics, resulting in a lot of research devoted to exploring, from various perspectives, the theoretical significance and practical value of discourse pragmatics as a discipline. Although discourse pragmatics has been developing rapidly, there are still various fundamental questions that remain to be answered. Against this background, the First International Conference on Discourse Pragmatics will take place in October 2022. This conference will be hosted by Zhejiang International Studies University located in Hangzhou, China, organized by the School of English Studies and the Institute of Discourse Pragmatics, and co-organized by Journal of Zhejiang International Studies University, Springer and John Benjamins. Given various uncertainties due to the pandemic, this will be mainly an online conference. We are looking forward to your participation in this great event.


Conference host

Zhejiang International Studies University


Conference organizers

School of English Studies, Zhejiang International Studies University

Institute of Discourse Pragmatics, Zhejiang International Studies University


Conference co-organizers

Journal of Zhejiang International Studies University


John Benjamins


Date and venue

Date: 21-23 October 2022

Venue: Tencent/VooV Meeting (online)


Registration fees

Free of charge


Conference language



Conference theme

Discourse Pragmatics and Communication


Conference topics (include but are not limited to)

1. Theorizing discourse pragmatics

2. Discourse pragmatics: Methodology

3. Discourse pragmatics and interpersonal/institutional/intercultural interaction

4. Discourse pragmatics and (im)politeness

5. Discourse pragmatics and social media

6. Discourse pragmatics and syntax

7. Discourse pragmatics and translation/interpreting

8. Discourse pragmatics and language teaching/learning

9. Discourse pragmatics and cognition

10. Discourse pragmatics and literature

11. Discourse pragmatics and philosophy


Keynote speakers

Pilar G. Blitvich (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

CHEN Xinren (Nanjing University)

FENG Zongxin (Tsinghua University)

Anita Fetzer (University of Augsburg)

Helmut Gruber (University of Vienna)

Michael Haugh (University of Queensland)

HONG Gang (Zhejiang International Studies University)

HUANG Guowen (South China Agricultural University)

Istvan Kecskes (State University of New York at Albany)

Carmen Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong )

MIAO Xingwei (Beijing Normal University)

Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen (University of Helsinki)

Elda Weizman (Bar Ilan University)

XIA Dengshan (Beijing Foreign Studies University)


Themed panels

1. Cultural branding on social media

Chair: CHEN Jingli


2. Pragmatics, literature and philosophy

Chair: FAN Weina


3. Discourse of violence: Pragmatic perspectives

Chair: GENG Wenwen


4. Multimodal discourse pragmatics

Chair: HUANG Lihe


5. Discourse pragmatics and interpersonal interaction

Chair: LI Chengtuan


6. Business discourse pragmatics in the context of digitalization and globalization

Chair: LIU Ping


7. The pragmatics of online medical discourse

Chair: MAO Yansheng


8. Discourse pragmatics and (im)politeness

Chair: XIE Chaoqun


9. Discourse pragmatics and language teaching/learning

Chair: YING Jieqiong


10.  Discourse pragmatics and internet communication

Chair: YUAN Zhoumin


11.  Identity and humour in interaction

Chair: ZHANG Wei


12.  Interface between pragmatics and cognitive linguistics

Chair: ZHANG Yanfei



Submission of abstracts

1. All abstracts should be prepared in English.

2. Abstracts for themed panels (min. 250 and max. 500 words including keywords and references) should be submitted directly to respective panel chairs (deadline: 5 September 2022, 12:00 PM, Beijing Time).

3. Abstracts for lectures (min. 250 and max. 500 words including keywords and references) should be submitted to (deadline: 5 September 2022, 12:00 PM, Beijing Time).

4. You are requested to submit your abstract as an MS Word document, with the file name being name + paper title. You are also requested to enclose, on a separate page, all authors names, affiliations, professional titles, email addresses, etc.


Notification of acceptance of abstracts

15 September 2022


Selection of best papers by PhD candidates

Doctoral students are encouraged to submit unpublished full-text papers related to discourse pragmatics for the competition of best papers. The papers should be submitted to by 30 August 2022 (12:00 PM, Beijing Time). The number of best papers will be limited to four or five. Three winners will be able to receive a complimentary book (in either print or e-copy) from the series Advances in (Im)politeness Studies (Springer) and the remaining one or two will receive a complimentary private e-subscription to the journal Internet Pragmatics (John Benjamins) for one year.


Conference email